What is journeymanstories.com?

‘www.journeymanstories.com’ is a blog in which less-known stories about ‘The Beautiful Game’ are told. My aim is to turn this barren blog into ‘the Lutz Pfannenstiel of all football blogs’. I also have a plan of publishing a book based on all the stories told on this blog named ‘The Journeyman’. The stories on this particular blog are planned to be published every five days.

I cannot fully promise on being punctual, though, since I am a bit pressed on time due to the fact that I am a university student. In case you did not read the post called ‘My First WordPress Blog Post’, let me tell you that I am a Year 0 Student at Hacettepe University, a university situated in Ankara, Turkey. My department (or ‘major’ for my American fellows) is English Linguistics. It does not mean, however, that I am not interested in football in the least bit; otherwise, it would be silly for me to write a book based on football.

If you would like to hear more, you can visit this very website, or subscribe by entering your e-mail address.

I will make sure not to let my fellow football devotees down; so, if you have got an obscure football story of your own, you can contact me @jmanstories on Twitter, or via eurcan352000@gmail.com on Gmail.

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