In this page, I thank those who contribute to this blog. They deserve gratitude for the time they spared in order to help this website grow.

I would like to thank:

  • Ermal Kuka for his contribution to the article ‘From Aveiro to Lyon’,
  • Ildefons Lima and Charles Dunst for their contribution to the article ‘Ildefons Lima – Andorra’s Commander-in-Chief’,
  • Omar Saleem for his contribution to ‘I Just Wish I Could Have Told Him in the Living Years’,
  • Matthias Marschik for the contribution the essay named ‘Between Manipulation and Resistance: Viennese Football in the Nazi Era’ made to the article ‘SK Rapid Wien During Anschluss’,
  • ‘General Michels’ for his small contribution to the article ‘Pulling the Wrong Block in a Jenga Game’,
  • Quentin Guéguen and Stefano Conforti for offering a few connections of theirs for the article ‘Maksim Romashchenko – An Overlooked Talent’,

More to come…